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Once upon a
time in a field
far far away…

It all started when…

… two blokes called Tom and Matt grew some epic fruit and vegetables.

The short version because you’re probably busy cooking something ace:

We started – growing high quality organic produce delivering incredible veg to local customers and great restaurants.

Then one day – someone asked why most veg stocks available weren’t made mostly with veg. And what WAS in them? No one knew; so we resolved to create better.

That led to – the first range of 9 Meals From Anarchy stocks. Great Taste stars. Flavour was improved nationally.

Fast forward to …

A couple of years later – we met Hugh and the River Cottage team. Instant hugs all round.

So then – we teamed up. Too many chefs in a kitchen is actually pretty great. New recipes. New varieties. A lot of fun.

So now – Bigger, better, tastier stocks!

All underpinned by – our belief that food should be as good for you and as good for the environment as possible.

And it should taste fantastic.

I believe happiness comes through great food, generosity and good company. NineMeals is far more than just stock. It’s bringing people together.

Tom – Our Founder

9 Meals from What?

We are changing what and how we eat. What better way to say that than the understatement that is; 9 Meals From Anarchy.

Food enables everything we do and there aren’t any sensible alternatives other than to do things better. So it makes sense to produce with the long view in mind. For us, that’s growing sustainable organic veg and making veg based foods.

Good food, well cooked is about the most satisfying thing there is and we are making that easy. Step one in making the food you cook taste good is seasoning. Enter; 9 Meals From Anarchy veg stocks.

Your £ is your vote. Shop well. Cook something. Save some bees. Have some fun. The world will be awesome.