How do I use this awesome veg stock?

We think 1 tsp (7.5g) per 500ml of freshly boiled water is ideal but the advantage of our veg stock not being pre-portioned is that you have more control over the seasoning of your food.  Go heavy for a big hit of flavour, add less if you prefer more gentle layers of taste.

What is the difference in the varieties?

  • Original - The universal. A big hit of flavour elevating everything else around it.
  • Garden Herb - A delicious mix combining the depth of hardier cooking herbs along with the freshness of softer ones.
  • Eranu? Uvavu? No, Umami - Savoury moreishness and that lovely rich base note that makes all the best foods so good.

How long will these wonder products last?

One year from date of manufacture. Once opened a jar will easily store for at least a month in the fridge.

What's the difference between this uncorrupted goodness and other products?

  • They have around half the salt content of many other brands 
  • No sugar. Sugar masks the salt levels in other brands
  • No palm oil. Extra virgin olive oil tastes better - without the environmental impact

Should I get some?

Yes - it will make your food taste better.