Oakcroft was established as a market garden in 1962 by Mehr Fardoonji (a feisty 86 year old who is still driving and teaching yoga) and is listed as one of the oldest certified organic sites in Britain.  Mehr, hot off the back of several active years in the Ghandian movement, ran the site as a highly productive market garden until retiring in 2005.   Oakcroft then fell in to some disrepair and when we arrived in 2016 to make it our growing and veg box distribution HQ, a huge amount of restoration and regeneration was needed. That work continues and there are some major challenges ahead of us as we revive past glories and add our vision to it.

Over the years we’ve developed our skill as growers and the model we are putting in place is based on traditional market garden techniques that are being updated and made easier by appropriate modern technology.

We have no tractors on site but use small scale machinery and modern hand tools which allow us to create a model that is profitable, transferable and sustainable.  Along side much of our own trial and error, the methods we use are a mixture of ideas from growers such as Tamsin Lovatt, Elliot Coleman and Jean-Martin Fortier.

Growing is the basis of everything we do and our connection to agriculture, the land and nature informs and advises us as we build on the vision for 9 Meals From Anarchy.

Vegetables in a box has lead us to vegetable in a pot; who knows where these foundations will take us next. 


Interested in the trials and tribulations of small scale growing? Have a look here for updates on the journey that is Oakcroft.